Austrian Crystal Jewelry

What are Austrian Crystals?

Austria is a country that famous for the crystal making, we call the crystals that made in Austria Austrian crystals.

The Austrian crystals are not real natural crystals. Most Austrian crystal items are actually made from lead glass, which sparkles brilliantly when cut and can even be confused with diamonds thanks to its eye-catching appearance

Among the many Austrian crystal makers, Swarovski is undoubtly the leader, suppyling many jewelry designers and companies with Swarovski crystals. Like us at, most of our crystal jewelry uses genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystals.

Austrian crystal is considered rhinestone jewelry.  The original rhinestones were pebbles of rock crystal from the Rhine River (Austria’s western boundary), hence the name rhinestone.  These pebbles had a beautiful sparkle an were used as adornments.

Comparing to some other natural crystals or gemstones, the Austrian crystal, or lead glass, is relatively affordable, other materials included within the piece could make it more valuable. A pair of luxury leather cowboy boots studded with Austrian crystal might be worth hundreds of dollars more than just the crystals on their own. Jewelry that includes both Austrian crystal and precious stones will also be far more valuable than ordinary Austrian crystal jewelry.

From Swarovski crystal bracelets, crystal necklaces, crystal earrings, crystal rings, crystal brooches, crystal ankelets to crystal sweater chains and crystal cufflinks, can be your ideal place to buy crystal jewelry.

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